Archeo Cuisine Cultural Project


logopiccoloThe Phoenicians is a cultural association featuring events, cultural projects, 

regarding practical life of antiquity, with particular attention to religion, clothing and

ancient gastronomy, experimental archeological cuisine, historical reenactment, tourist itineraries in Agrigento [Sicily]

Contact us:

For more information concerning our organization and to learn of the events we have planned;

For greater insight into the gastronomical tradition of your own region, and to experience what we term “Archeo Menus” (antique recipes menus) reflecting the historic and archeological context of your area;

If you wish to enjoy our unique catering service;

If you wish to take part of our “Archeo Cuisine” project as a partner restaurant;

If you wish to take part as a tablemate in one of our thematic events, buffets, lunches or “banquets”, for example the DEIPNON TOU AKRAGANTOS [Akragas Banquet], setting in Agrigento, in front of the valley of the temples or other partner restaurants, complete with a guided tour to the Valley of the Temples (optional);

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