Archaeo Food

confettura di pere al miele e epityrum - tritato di olive verdi

Eating with the Ancients archaeological food “made in Agrigento, Sicily”

Archeo Cuisine
Ancient Greek recipes MADE in AGRIGENTO – SICILY    

Without preservatives, colorings and artificial flavors


Marathon’s chopped Sicilian green Olives

It dates back to the victory of the Greeks on the Persians at Marathon (490 BC), the fashion for the Greeks to season the olives with fennel (marathon in Greek) that grew in abundance in that city.

You can use this minced green olives (in Latin Epityrum, in Greek Epityron) on salads, raw and boiled vegetables, boiled meat, eggs, cheese or simply on a bread slide.

Ingredients: Sicilian green Olives, Olive oil, honey, wild fennel seeds, wine vinegar, garlic, salt.


Hippocrates Sicilian pears & honey Extra jam

This recipe, WITHOUT ADDED SUGARS, is inspired by the division into hot food (wine) and cold (the pear) and their combination to reconstitute the balance within our body, designed by the Greek doctor Hippocrates of Cos (IV century BC).

It goes perfectly with salty and sweet breads or over aged cheese, and better if sheep or goat cheese.

Ingredients: Sicilian pears, apples, honey, red wine.