Archeo Cuisine Valley of the Temples Tour

Archeo Cuisine Valley of the Temples Tour & Archaeological Aperitif (optional)

Explaining the history of the city of Akragas and its magnificent temples, we will talk about myths, Gods, aromas and plants that characterized the gastronomy of the city in Greek times …

The visit could culminate with an aperitif (optional) based on archaeo food and typical products in the archaeological park, the ideal setting  where to experience the atmosphere and tastes of ancient Akragas.

After a short introduction explaining the cooking techniques that were perfected in Akragas 2500 years ago, guests will embark on a privileged journey through time relishing a selection of appetizers made of ancient Sicilian grains, sauces that complemented the food of the Greeks of Sicily, and local wines.  A journey to be experienced not only with the heart and mind but also with your taste buds, savouring the olfactory and taste sensations  of what was once an opulent city, with its lush vineyards and olive groves, and celebrated for the hospitality of its inhabitants.

At sunset looking out over the Temple of Hera, guests will be enthralled by the colors that, today as in the ancient past, bedecked the sky of Akragas.

Tours available upon reservation or during events.
Historical Notes, Menu and Presentation by ARCHEO CUISINE

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archaeological aperitif

archaeological aperitif