Archeo Cuisine Project

Archeo Cuisine Project – AKRAGAS (present day Agrigento), 2015 


logopiccoloOur thematic events or “Greek banquets” focus on the real bread.

In a way, bread can be said to mark the Alpha and Omega of this entire archeological itinerary covering the various stages of ancient gastronomy, especially as attested to by Greek and Latin writers.
Bread in fact was a prime moving force, one for which people were ready to lay down their lives, topple governments and regimes, and brow out kings. Even today, in families more linked to tradition, a watchful eye will be ever cast at the clock to ensure that bread is taken out of the oven at exactly the right time, so that it will appear, fresh and fragrant, on the dinner table. Still today people are prepared to go to great lengths and spare no expense, to seek out the very best wood-fired ovens, the only ones truly capable of giving bread the texture and aroma that make it the veritable king of all foods. The olphactory sensations of freshly baked bread are truly without equal.

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